UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (DFG Research Infrastructure Portal: RI_00489)

User regulations/Nutzungsordnung, English [PDF], German [PDF]

Booking rules/Buchungsregeln, English [PDF], German [PDF]

Guidelines for the usage of UKE microscopy Imaging Facility during Corona Virus emergency [PDF]

Charging scheme valid from 01.05.2022 [PDF] 

Instructions for working in GMO level S2 environment (GenTSV), English [PDF], German [PDF]

These are the terms and conditions for using the microscopes and services that umif provide.

Short instructions

Leica TCS SP5 [PDF]

Olympus TIRFM [PDF]

PPMS online booking system [PDF]

Please bring a printout of the respective manual to the training session.


Training documents

NEW How to sign the microscope checklist (PC), Corona guidelines and GMO list (tablet) [PDF]

Improvision/Aurox SD: Basic [PPTX], Live Imaging [PPTX]

Leica SP5 [PPTX]

Leica SP8 [PPTX]

Visitron SD-TIRF [PPTX]

Zeiss ApoTome [PPTX]

List of available secondary antibodies for STED [PDF]

Samples and formats [PDF]

Fluorescent dyes and proteins [PDF]

Imaging applications [PDF]

Calculated resolution limits [PDF]

"UMIF Basics of Light Microscopy Workshop": timetable of lectures [PDF],

Lectures: "Basics of light microscopy" [PDF], "Visualization of multi-dimensional imaging data" [PDF], "Analysis of multi-dimensional imaging data - basic" [PDF], "Basic sample preparation" [PDF].


"UMIF Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop": timetable of lectures [PDF]

Lectures: "Advanced imaging methods" [PDF], "Advanced analysis of multi-dimensional imaging data" [PDF], "Advanced sample preparation" [PDF], "Super-resolution microscopy" [PDF]


"Advanced methods in bio-imaging seminar series": timetable [PDF]

Lecture: "Mutlidimensional imaging in light microscopy and spectroscopy" [PDF]

Lecture: "Sample preparation for fluorescence microscopy" [PDF]

Lecture: "Single molecule, protein-protein interactions in bio imaging. (FRET, FLIM, FRET-FLIM)" [PDF]

Lecture: "LaVision Multi Photon imaging set-up: a unique resource for microscopy at UKE." [PDF]

Lecture: "Fundamentals of live microscopy, the challenges in multidimensional imaging." [PDF]

Lecture: "Improving the optical resolution by De-blurring: from pure deconvolution to linear structured illumination microscopy." [PDF]

Lecture: "Resolution beyond the diffraction limit: principles, applications, pros and cons of super resolution microscopy." [PDF]


Course "Image Analysis and Quantification": timetable and contents [PDF]

Lectures 1+2: "General concepts in image analysis and quantification" [PDF]

Leica LAS X Core Offline version 3.5.7 for Windows 10 and Windows 7 64Bit [download]

Leica LAS AF Lite version 3.x for Windows 7 64bit [download]

Leica LAS AF Lite version 2.x for Windows 7/XP 32bit [download]

Visitron VisiView Lite for Windows [download]

Volocity Demo 6.1.1 for Windows 64bit [download]

Volocity Demo 6.1.1 for Windows 32bit [download]

Abberior Imspector 16.3.13033 for Windows 64bit [download]

Abberior Imspector for Windows 32bit [download]

AnyDesk - free remote software for Windows, Mac, Linux, mobiles [LINK]

ImageJ macro for registration correction and merging of SD/TIRF multichannel datasets [download] requires Turboreg plugin available [here]

Matlab script for cluster analysis (as in T Nauth et al. 2018) [download]

Matlab script for generating aligned and averaged images (e.g.from several single sub-resolution bead images for PSF analysis) [download]

Fluorescent beads on a slide [PDF]

Immunostaining protocol 1 (Basic) [PDF]

Immunostaining protocol 2 (cytoskeleton) [PDF]

Immunostaining protocol 3 [PDF]!/ 

ThermoFisher Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Zeiss online resource for tutorials and information about microscopy. 

Olympus online resource for tutorials and information about microscopy.

Nikon online resource for tutorials and information about microscopy.

Leica online resource for tutorials and information about microscopy.

Abberior - a company which offers super-resolution STED microscopes and fluorescent labels for various applications.

Fiji is an image processing package—a "batteries-included" distribution of ImageJ, bundling a lot of plugins which facilitate scientific image analysis.

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