UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (DFG Research Infrastructure Portal: RI_00489)


User regulations/Nutzungsordnung, English [PDF], German [PDF]

Booking rules/Buchungsregeln, English [PDF], German [PDF]

Charging scheme valid from 01.01.2023 [PDF]

Instructions for working in GMO level S2 environment (GenTSV), English [PDF], German [PDF]

These are the terms and conditions for using the microscopes and services that umif provide.

Short instructions

Leica TCS SP5 [PDF]

Olympus TIRFM [PDF]

PPMS online booking system [PDF]

Please bring a printout of the respective manual to the training session.


Training documents

How to sign the microscope checklist (PC) and GMO list (tablet) [PDF]

Aurox SD: Basic [PPTX], Live Imaging [PPTX]

Leica SP5 [PPTX]

Leica SP8 [PPTX]

Visitron SD-TIRF [PPTX]

Zeiss ApoTome [PPTX]

List of available secondary antibodies for STED [PDF]

Samples and formats [PDF]

Fluorescent dyes and proteins [PDF]

Imaging applications [PDF]

Calculated resolution limits [PDF]

"UMIF Basics of Light Microscopy Workshop": timetable of lectures [PDF],

Lectures: "Basics of light microscopy" [PDF], "Visualization of multi-dimensional imaging data" [PDF], "Analysis of multi-dimensional imaging data - basic" [PDF], "Basic sample preparation" [PDF].


"UMIF Advanced Light Microscopy Workshop": timetable of lectures [PDF]

Lectures: "Advanced imaging methods" [PDF], "Advanced analysis of multi-dimensional imaging data" [PDF], "Advanced sample preparation" [PDF], "Super-resolution microscopy" [PDF]


"Advanced methods in bio-imaging seminar series": timetable [PDF]

Lecture: "Mutlidimensional imaging in light microscopy and spectroscopy" [PDF]

Lecture: "Sample preparation for fluorescence microscopy" [PDF]

Lecture: "Single molecule, protein-protein interactions in bio imaging. (FRET, FLIM, FRET-FLIM)" [PDF]

Lecture: "LaVision Multi Photon imaging set-up: a unique resource for microscopy at UKE." [PDF]

Lecture: "Fundamentals of live microscopy, the challenges in multidimensional imaging." [PDF]

Lecture: "Improving the optical resolution by De-blurring: from pure deconvolution to linear structured illumination microscopy." [PDF]

Lecture: "Resolution beyond the diffraction limit: principles, applications, pros and cons of super resolution microscopy." [PDF]


Course "Image Analysis and Quantification": timetable and contents [PDF]

Lectures 1+2: "General concepts in image analysis and quantification" [PDF]

Abberior Imspector 16.3.16118 - BASE - for Windows 64bit [download]

Abberior Imspector MINFLUX - BASE - for Windows 64bit [download]

Abberior Imspector for Windows 32bit [download]

Leica LAS X Core Offline version 3.5.7 for Windows 10 and Windows 7 64Bit [download]

Leica LAS AF Lite version 3.x for Windows 7 64bit [download]

Leica LAS AF Lite version 2.x for Windows 7/XP 32bit [download]

Olympus FV31S-SW version 2.6 [download]

Visitron VisiView Lite for Windows [download]

Volocity Demo 6.1.1 for Windows 64bit [download]

Volocity Demo 6.1.1 for Windows 32bit [download]

3DHistech - latest version of SlideViewer for Windows 64bit/32bit [LINK]

AnyDesk - free remote software for Windows, Mac, Linux, mobiles [LINK]

ImageJ macro for registration correction and merging of SD/TIRF multichannel datasets [download] requires Turboreg plugin available [here]

Matlab script for cluster analysis (as in T Nauth et al. 2018) [download]

Matlab script for generating aligned and averaged images (e.g.from several single sub-resolution bead images for PSF analysis) [download]

Fluorescent beads on a slide [PDF]

Immunostaining protocol 1 (Basic) [PDF]

Immunostaining protocol 2 (cytoskeleton) [PDF]

Immunostaining protocol 3 [PDF]!/ 

ThermoFisher Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Zeiss online resource for tutorials and information about microscopy. 

Evident/Olympus online resource for tutorials and information about microscopy.

Nikon online resource for tutorials and information about microscopy.

Leica online resource for tutorials and information about microscopy.

Abberior - a company which offers super-resolution STED microscopes and fluorescent labels for various applications.

Fiji is an image processing package—a "batteries-included" distribution of ImageJ, bundling a lot of plugins which facilitate scientific image analysis.

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