UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (DFG Research Infrastructure Portal: RI_00489)


Guidelines for the usage of UKE microscopy Imaging Facility during Corona Virus emergency

UMIF do not recommend the usage of light microscopy facility rooms if not for extremely urgent and not possible to postpone measurements.

All trainings, assisted sections and operations on microscopes that cannot be carried out via remote connection (remote sections) are suspended till further notification. Remote sections must be booked in advance (at least one day before)

Users that wish to enter in the microscope rooms certify that they behave according to the health and safety UKE guidelines during the Corona pandemic.

She/he will keep at least 1.5 m distance to other users and certify that she/he will work alone at the microscope during the entire imaging section.

In addition to the general S1 S2 she/he will respect the following hygienic procedures:

  1. Enter the room wearing their own lab coats.
  2. Wearing gloves, new gloves.
  3. At the end of any section users must clean with antifect (spraying it on paper tissue and wiping):
  • The working table the computer mouse and keyboard.
  • Room door handles and light switches .
  • The microscopes stage controls (xyz control focusing knob), stage insert.
  • The microscope ocular. - Incubation chamber and accessories.
  • Additional sliders (e.g. ApoTome slider and polarizer, Visitron laser interlock .
  • Additional buttons (e.g. shutter/filter cube at SP5, touchpad at SP8, auto-focus at Visitron)

Failing to respect these hygienic procedures described above can compromise the safety of the facility rooms and lead to their provisory shut down.

By signing I verify that I agree to the Corona guidelines mentioned above and that I have filled up this form personally and to the best of my knowledge.


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